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In Baleizão there is a


Who we are

The Nossa Senhora da Graça Social Center is an IPSS, based in Baleizão, where our main objective is to support the elderly and promote active aging.


We are  in a spacious building with plenty of natural light, surrounded by the tranquility that only the Alentejo can offer.


We provide support care for the elderly population, with territorial coverage in the municipality of Beja, which contains the social responses typified as a Day Center and Home Support, including cognitive and physical stimulation activities and a plastic arts workshop, focused on promoting a active aging. 

The Nossa Senhora da Graça Social Center is a reference institution. And not just in Alentejo. The country knows and recognizes the work done in the area of care for the elderly, in supporting those who live and coexist with different pathologies, in the quality of services that value home support and give another shine, another smile, to the Day Center .


We seek to give our users our best every day and to be a reference at local, regional and national level in the area of care, illness support and community development work, oriented towards social inclusion, consolidating our social responses.

We are an organization based on sustainable management. And oriented towards social inclusion.


We have a very specific dynamic in our relationship with the community, valuing memory in a logic of the future, something that is fulfilled and materialized through a proximity that, strictly speaking, means approximation between the living experience and the heirs of this legacy, the children and the young.

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