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As an Association in Baleizão and belonging to the municipality of Beja, we know the importance of having social responses. Our mission is to offer those who choose us a range of services, all with guaranteed quality and care. From home support to the service of small repairs, all these responses can be traditional, necessary, effective and/or innovative, because we work side by side with customers at every step.

Home Support

Providing individualized and personalized care at home

Office of
Social Referral

Provision of social support to the entire population of the Parish of Baleizão, seeking to accompany, support and guide the population, in order to overcome social problems in their daily lives

laundry service

Clothes treatment service, allowing hygiene conditions and social integration. Consecrates the washing of clothes, drying e ironing

Residential Cleaning

 Storage and cleaning at home, including in the rooms strictly necessary for the user's day-to-day

Day Center

Social response, developed in equipment, which consists of providing a set of services that contribute to the maintenance of the elderly in their socio-family environment

Occupation of young people's free time
and Children 

Social response that provides occupational activities, through the practice of recreational and specific occupational activities and multi-activities carried out in the context of Ateliers

social canteen

Provision of meals to economically disadvantaged people and families, ensuring a food to the needy population and to signal and diagnose situations, with a view to a social referral 


Reception and treatment of functional disabilities, in order to reduce their impact, providing care to users who require their intervention

Summer Camps

Social response for children and young people during the school interruption in occupying time and opportunity to experience and socialize outside the home environment

Minor Repair Service

Service designed to deal with all the small repairs for which it is difficult to find someone to perform them

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